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SoBlessedtoBeaTeacher.com is a blog. As I would tell my students when we’re talking about reliable and unreliable sources on the internet, the whole idea behind a blog is that the writer is expressing his or her OPINIONS, and that’s true here too. This blog is about my opinions, my experiences, and my understanding of various subjects, but I can’t make any guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of anything I write here or of any websites to which I provide a link. The opinions shared here are mine and mine alone and are not meant to reflect the opinions of any group with which I am affiliated. I also reserve the right to change my opinions over time (and also to update posts as needed)! I am a Catholic, but I am not a theologian, and anything I say that is faith-related is, again, my own understanding of the topic (but of course, if I write something that seems contrary to Church teaching, please pray for me and let me know…I’m always trying to get better at life!)

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