(More!) Freebies for Your School Library on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Happy New Year, everyone! If two of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 are to save money and to treat your students to brand new resources in your school library, you definitely found the right place to start!

I wrote a post a few months ago with links to over 40 free downloads from Teachers Pay Teachers that can be used in the school library, and so far, it’s been the most visited post on my blog. I have been digging up more awesome free Teachers Pay Teachers products lately, and since we’re now almost halfway through the school year, I figured you guys might be ready for another list of fabulous freebies!

I tend to get a little enthusiastic when I go on my free download sprees…I apologize in advance if I seem a bit giddy. (But…ALL THIS STUFF IS FREE! FREE! FREE! IT COSTS NO MONEY!)

Are you ready to shop til you drop? (Or, in this case, point and click a lot of times?)

Parts of a Book / Text Features

This awesome product by Wife Teacher Mommy will help you teach your students about text features! It includes a great Venn diagram that will help kids understand the similarities and differences between a table of contents and an index!

I downloaded this freebie by Anderson Academics for my students when we were reviewing using a glossary. It includes a nonfiction article about bats complete with a little cute mini glossary, so it gave my students good practice working with an informational text and referring to the glossary as needed. Love it!


Here is a cute freebie by inourlibrary that you can use to help your students understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction!

Reference Books

When it’s time to introduce different books in the reference section of your library, save time by using this already-made PowerPoint presentation by Jessi Olmsted!

And try this resource by Oak Roots and Arrows! It includes signs that explain each type of reference book!

Download this free worksheet by The Introvert Teacher to give your kids some practice with their dictionary skills!

And for more dictionary practice, how about a free dictionary packet by Struggling Learner Resources?!


Mrs. J in the Library has put together this fabulous product to help you get your students started using littleBits in your library makerspace!

Avoiding Plagiarism / Citing Sources

Here is a cool slide show game by Created for Learning to teach your students about plagiarism!

And this phenomenal guide to the MLA format by Presto Plans will help your students understand the right way to cite their sources!

Using a Card Catalog

Check out this product by The LibraryFox that will give your kids a chance to practice using their online card catalog!

And to give your students more practice with the card catalog, here’s a freebie by Library Princess!


Whoa! This freebie by Page by Paige is bursting at the seams with poetry information and activities!

Get your school involved in Poem in Your Pocket Day with this free resource by More Than a Worksheet!

Library Decor

Is it time to add something new to those library walls? Just download, print, and hang these Dewey Decimal signs by Little Library of Learning!

Or this pack of reading-themed signs by Aylin Claahsen!

Or this cute library sign by Hello Literacy!

Or this library rules banner by Mister Librarian!

Or these signs by Staying Cool in the Library that encourage students to have a growth mindset!

Or this owl-themed reading sign by Kelly Benefield!

Or this “Reading is Thinking” banner by Sarah Barnett – Mrs. B First Grade!

Or these signs with inspirational quotes by ATBOT the Book Bug!

Or…all of them (because…they’re FREE!)

Extension Activities Designed for Specific Picture Books

If you read How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky with your students, download this free resource by The Library Patch!

This resource by Trina Deboree Teaching and Learning includes some terrific ideas and activities to go with Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems!

Every year, I read Read It, Don’t Eat It! by Ian Schoenherr with my first grade students, so I was thrilled to find this resource by The Librarian’s Literature Links that I can use with the kids this year!

This cute booklet by Staying Cool in the Library goes with the popular picture book Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman!

This sequencing activity by Little Miss Librarian is designed to be used with another great library read aloud: Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss!

This awesome freebie by Kathy Goosev Howell will knock your socks off! It has activities to go with not one, not two, not three, but SEVENTEEN picture books. Definitely something for everyone in this free product!

Seasonal/Holiday Activities

For Groundhog Day, your students can color these free bookmarks by Let’s Learn S’more!

Thanks to Sweetest Seconds in a Day, your students can practice their ABC order with this cute Valentine’s Day themed product!

And here are some fantastic Valentine’s Day themed bookmarks by Luv2Educate for your students to color!

This Valentine’s Day resource (by me!) will help your students practice differentiating between a fiction call number and a nonfiction call number!

Cover images by Krista Wallden and Kim’s Creations

For St. Patrick’s Day, More Than a Worksheet has a free research scavenger hunt for your students!

And ATBOT the Book Bug has some really fun St. Patrick’s Day bookmarks!

The unCommon Library has created a fun, free, fall-themed game for your library students to play – The Dewey Dash!

Little Library Learners’ pack of Thanksgiving-themed library resources is so cute! I didn’t discover this product until after Thanksgiving, but I will definitely have it on hand for next year!

Fun Stuff

It’s always great to have reading-themed coloring pages kicking around for those kids who finish their work quickly, and here’s a fantastic free set of coloring pages by Kathryn Garcia – Made for Learning.

And here are some superhero-themed bookmarks by A Sunny Day in First Grade for your students to decorate!

This product by Lake Loon Learning Resources consists of little signs that say things like, “Pick me! Pick me!” and “Read me. I’m great!” You can print them out and stick them next to books on your library shelf to get kids interested in them! Such a creative and fun idea!

And here we have a library-themed song by Debbie Clement – complete with the audio file and the lyrics! So cute!

Clip Art

I am so excited about this find! Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs has amazing free clip art sets to go with popular nursery rhymes, including a free Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe set, a free Hey Diddle Diddle set, and a free Baa Baa Black Sheep set.  I can’t believe how adorable (and free!) they are!

And I love this free book clip art by Molly Tillyer! And this one too!  Colorful, happy books that you can use in your colorful, happy library!

I hope your library bag o’ tricks is overflowing with new stuff! 🙂

And next time that bag needs a little more replenishing, don’t forget to visit my store, and the Teachers Pay Teachers stores of all the other teacher-authors featured today, to stock up!

**Thank you so much to the Teachers Pay Teachers teacher-authors who gave me permission to include their free resources in this post! For more freebies, check out my other post about Freebies for your School Library, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss the next one!**

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  1. Thanks so much for this great list of freebies that can be used in the library. TpT is the place to go to find wonderful resources for a school media center. So many creative library stores!!

  2. Thanks so much for including my song as a resource to make the library an even more welcoming place. I know that it can bring an UPBEAT gathering tradition, when used in the right hands. I appreciate your efforts to support teachers near and far!

  3. Thanks for your blog post. I loved your great resources. Please feel free to include the two freebies from my TPT store in any future blog posts (Chalkboard Inspirational Book Quotes and Sketchnote Introduction.
    Librarian Vickie -https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Librarian-Vickie

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