My Spectacular, World-Famous Fiction and Nonfiction Song!

Well hello! You’ve stopped by at a fabulous time because I am about to reveal my SPECTACULAR, WORLD-FAMOUS Fiction and Nonfiction Song!

(Please keep in mind that “spectacular” might be a tad bit generous, and that it is only “world-famous” because I am publishing it on this blog, right now, which could, in theory, be read by people living around the world.)

I sing this in my school library when it’s time to review the difference between fiction and nonfiction. I teach fiction and nonfiction in kindergarten library each year in December, so I borrowed the “Jingle Bells” tune when I wrote the lyrics for this little gem.

Ahem. Here we go!


Fun, right? (By the way, I did have to adjust the Jingle Bells melody a little to make it work, so “We” in lines 2 and 6 is a little grace note, and “don’t want them to end” and “love nonfiction too” pick up the “jingle all the way,” if that makes sense.)

Feel free to sing it in your classroom or library to help your students learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction!

(Sorry, but please DO NOT feel free to make a recording of it and/or turn this song into the top forty hit that it clearly has the potential to be.  Hee hee.) 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Spectacular, World-Famous Fiction and Nonfiction Song!”

  1. So cute! While I do not have a beautiful voice, I will have fun singing this with the kiddos. If you put something to music, it’s more fun to learn. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m sure you’ll be great! (And if not, I always figure that 20 kindergarten voices are definitely louder than my voice!) 🙂

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